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Please read our Family Handbook 2019 to make sure you have all the up to date information to begin your dance journey. You can also click here for more information on class types and age groups.


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Monday Classes

Grade 1 Ballet 4:00pmJazz 1 4:45pmGrade 4 Ballet 4:45pmGrade 2/3 Ballet 3:45pmGrade 5 Ballet 5:45pmIntermediate Foundation Ballet 5:30pmGrade 7 Ballet 5:30pmIntermediate Contemporary 6:45pmIntermediate Ballet 6:45pmJazz 3 7:45pm

Tuesday Classes

Level 1 Acro 3:30pmIntermediate Hip Hop 3:45pmLevel 2 Acro 4:30pmAdvanced Hip Hop 4:45pmLevel 3 Acro 5:30pmAdvanced Contemporary 5:45pmAdvanced Commercial Jazz 6:45pmElite Acro 6:45pmJazz 5 7:45pm

Wednesday Classes

Pre Primary/Primary Ballet 3:30pmGrade 2/3 Ballet 4:30pmGrade 7 Ballet 5:00pmGrade 4 Ballet 5:30pmLevel 7 Tap 6:00pmIntermediate Foundation Ballet 6:30pmAdult Tap 7:00pmIntermediate Ballet 7:00pmAdult Jazz 8:00pm

Thursday Classes

Fusion/Hip Hop Dance 3:30pmJazz 2 4:00pmJazz 4 5:00pmJunior Contemporary 5:00pmIntermediate Commercial Jazz 4:15pmLyrical Hip Hop 6:00pm

Friday Classes

Level 6 Tap 3:45pmLevel 4 Tap 4:30pmGrade 5 Ballet 5:15pmLevel 5 Tap 6:15pm

Saturday Classes

Tippy Toes Dance 9:15amJazz 1 10:15amLevel 1 Tap 11:005amPre Primary Ballet 9:00amPrimary Ballet 9:30amGrade 1 Ballet 11:15am

To qualify for exams you must have reached the minimum age by the 1st January & from Grade 1 Ballet upwards take 2 lessons per week.

Each new enrolment will incur a registration fee
$20 for 1 student
$30 for 2 or more students in a family

Please check Facebook and Instagram for Regular School Updates

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