We do not follow a syllabus at ADFA for Jazz. We believe in having open classes which are taught by teaches who are still very much involved in today’s industry. This gives our students the kick start in knowing what is modern and prepares them for all the up to date knowledge for what they will receive in auditions or workshops around the globe.

Using top 40 music, jazz classes work to strengthen kicks, turns, jumps, flexibility and group routines. A great option for those that want to spend more time on the ‘WOW’ elements to complement their technical training from Ballet and take their dancing to the next level.

  • Mini Jazz (Prep, Year 1)
  • Jazz 1 (Year 2,3,4)
  • Jazz 2 (Year 5,6)
  • Jazz 3 (Year 7,8)
  • Jazz 4 (Year 9,10)
  • Jazz 5 (Year 11,12)
  • Adult Jazz (25+)