The latest dance style that is the most popular within today’s dance industry. You will notice that Hip Hop is now in most of our video clips that you see on T.V. Incorporating popping, locking, breaking and freestyling. Hip Hop allows students to show off their individual talents whilst learning today’s popular moves.


This style of dance comes together by the lyrics of the music rather than the beat. Students are telling the story of the song through a softer side of Hip Hop


This class incorporates fitness and beginner hip hop moves for students who are just looking for a fun, low key class. It is aimed for children 6-10yrs who aren’t keen on such a structured class, just wanting to have fun, learn movement and build up their fitness.

  • Fusion/Hip Hop (6-10yrs)
  • Intermediate Hip Hop (11-14yrs)
  • Advanced Hip Hop (15+yrs)
  • Lyrical Hip Hop (9-12yrs)
  • Lyrical Hip Hop (13+yrs)